Captured images along the Dempster Highway
Dawson City Yukon Territory to Inuvik North West Territory
Colrain to
Canadian Border
Canadian Border
to Winnipeg MB
Winnipeg MB to Prince George BC Prince George BC
to Watson Lake YK
Watson Lake YK to Dawson City YK Dawson City YK
to Inuvik NWT
  August 31st: Dawson City to Tombstone Mtn YK  
  Sept 1st: Tombstone Mtn to Engineer Creek YK  
  Sept 2nd: Engineer Creek to Eagle Plains YK  
  Sept 3rd: Eagle Plains to Fort McPherson NWT  
  Sept 4th: Fort McPherson to Inuvik NWT 
  Sept 5th: A day in Inuvik NWT 
  Sept 6th: Another day in Inuvik NWT 
  Images: Return trip - Inuvik to Dawson City YK  
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5,005 miles later, Inuvik! the end of the highway!

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