A Beautifully Unique Snow Event / Canon
Copyright©2005 Patric duBreuil
March 7th, 2005
Woodslawn Farm

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When viewing this exhibit, 'A Beautifully Unique Snow Event' please keep in mind the observations made at the time by this photographer and others present who observed firsthand the results of this unique event.

These 'snowrollers,' as they are called, weighed only a few onces and were as light and fluffy as the freshly fallen snow around them. I truly defy any wind to have tried to move them without their blowing apart in a 'poof!'

Certain images have captured the trail these 'snowrollers' left in the process of their creation and that a few reversed direction for a few feet, exactly 180 degrees!

Rather than argue fruitlessly with science which too often has an unverifiable theory to explain any anomaly with profound conviction -- I prefer to wonder NOT how these 'snowroller enigmas' were created, but marvel at the inspiring possibilities of why.

Patric duBreuil

On researching this event I found these 'snow enigmas' have been given the name of 'snowrollers.' More info can be found at snowrollers.net

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