Into the Year 2003

* denotes a panoramic image
Shelburne Falls winterscape 2k3
Winterscape around town
Deep-freeze of 2003
* Deerfield river under ice
Frozen faces of February 2k3
...and the snow fell
* A New England winter scene - Penfrydd farm
Perseverance against Overwhelming Odds
* Woodslawn 'National Bicentennial' Farm
Silhouettes watch the dawn
Falling leaves
Autumn across our hills
Rainy autumn Wednesday...
Northern lights over Franklin County
Overcast morning in Shelburne Falls
Far from the maddening crowd
* Brown Homestead Farm - cows in review
Iron bridge across Deerfield
Six variations-potholes dam on the Deerfield
Three variations-potholes dam on the Deerfield
On the river... over the dam... into the sky
* Morning mist over the Deerfield
* Sunrise over Colrain
* December snowfall surrounds the glacial potholes dam
Dawn on the shortest day
* Woodslawn Farm on the shortest day of the year
Daybreak over the Deerfield
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