Into the Year 2004

* denotes a panoramic image
January 2nd - captured images - Village of Shelburne Falls
Traveling the back roads
* Rising of a new day
Frozen over
Sub zero around town
January at -14 degrees
Frozen ripples on a babbling brook
Babbling under ice
A sub-zero morning
Crusty close-ups
Sunrise over Woodslawn Farm
Icing on the Deerfield
A January sunrise
One very cold morning
February snow day
February Morning
February Morning part two
Around the neighborhood
Friday the 13th
Clear sky morning
Winter on the Deerfield
Sunrise over ice-1
On a March morning
* A garden in March...
* Along the back-roads
Gray skies under a March sky
A peeking sun
Sunrise over the wall
April breakthrough
Wilson Hill sunrise
* Standing in the mist
* Dancing lights across many hills
* Farm on a field
* An endless field of green and serenity
Firery sunrise
Watching in awe
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