Into the Year 2005

* denotes a panoramic image
January dawn
Cold & overcast
Moments to ponder
* January sunrise over Woodslawn Farm
* Christian Hill at sunrise
* Winter morning on the farm
Just around the corner
* Rising of the dawn
Just around the corner/2
Water over the dam
Bitter cold morning
A wee tad nippy
House fire on State Street
* North River Dam under ice
Firestorm at dawn
* The Hotband of Sunrise
* Waves of sunrise color
Country roads
Country roads under snow
* Currier & Ives scene at Pine Hill Orchards
A February morning
* Sunrise across Woodslawn Farm
Hot sky over a cold day
* Woodslawn Farm in snow
A morning drive
A desert sky
View over the wall
* A bone chilling February sunrise
Under snowfall
Bottom of the sky - three views
Moments of winter's beauty
The big blade
Second Baptist Church of Colrain
A morning drive
Snow on a March day
Early morning across town
March sunrise
* The Iron Bridge at State Street under snow
March snow scenes
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Image Copyright © 2005 Patric duBreuil / all rights reserved
Copyright © 2005 / all rights reserved