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Patric duBreuil - A very short bit of background
Patric duBreuil - caught by the camera
Review - The Recorder 'DuBreuil displays passion for lenses & landscapes'
Cover image - West County News 25th anniversary cover
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Panorama views: composites from multiple images
Alaska Exhibit
Circa 1974-1976 Trans-Alaskan Pipeline Terminal at Valdez
Photographic Expeditions - Road Trip Exhibits
Slide show - On the road to Alaska 2001
Gallery Exhibit - On the road to Alaska 2001
Swept by a hand from above
The promise
Homer, Sterling & Valdez AK
Gallery Exhibit - The Grand Canyon 2002
Gallery Exhibit - The Painted Desert 2002
Gallery Exhibit - New England Foliage trip 2002
Gallery Exhibit - On the road to Inuvik Northwest Territories 2003
Gallery Exhibit - On the road to Alaska 2005
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