Yet another photographic expedition! On the road to Inuvik 2003 - 9,965 miles RT.

North to Montreal. West on the Trans-Canadian Highway to Prince George BC. North through British Columbia & the Canadian Rockies, through the Yukon Territory to Inuvik, 200 miles north of the arctic circle on the MacKenzie River, just south of the Beaufort Sea, Northwest Territories.

Road maps, directions, fuel prices, features
Colrain to
Canadian Border
Canadian Border
to Winnipeg MB
Winnipeg MB to
Prince George BC
Prince George BC
to Watson Lake YK
Watson Lake YK to
Dawson City YK
Dawson City YK
to Inuvik NWT
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  Images Colrain to Canadian Border 
  Images Canadian Border to Winnipeg 
  Images Winnipeg to Prince George 
  Images Prince George to Watson Lake 
  Images Watson Lake to Dawson City 
  Images Dawson City to Inuvik 
  Images: Return trip - Inuvik NWT to Tok Alaska 

Hindsight shot: Traveling on the Dempster Highway
Dawson City Yukon Territory to Inuvik, Northwest Territory

Patric duBreuil, Susan Wyant, Puppy Phu-phu & Samuel Dogg on board

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